Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return to the Motherland

After 24 hours of traveling over 9 time zones I returned to Germany and was welcomed back with loads and loads and of snow.  Being back in the States was awesome; I ate all the Mexican food I could find, spent some quality time with friends and family, and enjoyed the extra leg room that American SUV's afford. This made it all the more depressing to return to my mini me car was sandwiched between two huge piles of ice that I had to thaw out with hot buckets of water (from my 3rd floor apartment) and some serious shovel work. 

The Germans must read U.S. sporting news because apparently the accumulation of snow was so bad that the gyms in my town were closed down for fear a Minnesota Superdome repeat. So instead of getting back into shape and sync on the court to play the second place team in our league, we drove thirty minutes to an indoor sand pit and played beach basketball on 9 foot rims...

Despite the fact that it hasn't snowed since I have been back, our gym isn't scheduled to open until next week. We managed to get a short practice in Tuesday night in a small gym and scrimmaged a team 30 minutes away last night, but have today off because there is no place to play. Supposedly we have a gym Friday for our first real practice in three weeks before our game Saturday night. Should be interesting especially since we have 3 games next week to make up for the one that was cancelled before break. Also, the manager told us that if we win on Saturday the drinks for us and our girlfriends will be free at the team fan party on Sunday at noon. I'm not sure if warm German beer at noon on Sunday is an incentive or a deterrent, but I guess if I don't want it I can always get gassy water...

Good luck to the Ephs this weekend as they bring the noise to the Lord Jeffs, (Everyone out here still thinks it is hilarious that my mascot was a purple cow, thus validating the rumor that Germans have an off-based sense of humor) I am hoping for snow at our opponents gym so that I can pay $15 (approximately 12 euros) to catch the webcast of the game Saturday night!

Also I have heard reports that the email subscription box on the blog doesn't work very well so just check back in on Wednesdays or Thursdays for a weekly update.

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