Wednesday, January 26, 2011

German Bongo Bands and Paul the Octopus

       We made the four hour drive to Hamburg worth the effort, coming up with a nice road win Sunday night. We jumped out to a 14 point lead at the end of the first quarter, but then started to play down to the competition and ended up only leading by 1 going into the half. After an emotional half-time speech by Coach Borris, we turned things around in the second half and won by 13. I couldn't hit a three to save my life, but I got to the charity stripe 13 times. Unless your name is Shaquille O'Neal, or you shoot your freethrows with your eyes closed (or both), 13 freethrow attempts always helps the stat line. 
       The clear highlight of the game was the 20+ member bongo drum band that played for 23 consecutive minutes from introductions through the ENTIRETY of the 1st quarter-including freethrows and time outs. A loud crowd is one thing, but the methodical, repititious beats of a german bongo band composed primarily of 40+ year-old women is a whole nother monster (if there was one picture I need to complete my blog this is surely it)!
       At the hospital I have been stitching up a few more patients. Dr. Hoffman even went so far as to call me a professional. I thought about asking if that meant I should be getting paid...but didn't want to push my luck.
       I also made it out to the Oberhausen aquarium the supposed home of Paul the Octopus. Paul gained world fame this summer by correctly predicting the outcome of Germany's seven World Cup games. 

    Unfortuntaley it seems all of the fame had taken its toll on Paul and he moved on to Octopus Heaven (where I am guessing they don't serve calamari) a few months ago. Although I was extremely disappointed that I was not able to meet Paul, I was able to pay my respects at his grave site.

I guess if you can predict soccer games in Europe your ashes are forever enshrined in a gold statue of yourself.

I was also able to find Nemo...

And found an intimidating outfit...

So all and all it was a successful day.

We have a quick turnaround this week, playing at home on Friday with the chance to get revenge on Alba Berlin. Hopefully this time we finish the game with more than four players on the court...

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