Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rasta, US Consulate and Super Bowl Monday

On Saturday we traveled to play Rasta Vechta who was part of our three-way tie for second place. The gym was sold out and a surprisingly large contingent of lion fans made the 2 hour trip. Vechta easily has the best mascot in the league...

It was a great game the whole way through. We were tied at halftime and then back and forth throughout the second half. We took a 6 point lead towards the end of the 3rd quarter, but unfortunately we just couldn't stay on our feet and seal the win... 

With three regular season games left, we need to pick it up if we want to secure home court advantage for the playoffs. 

While we don't know how the season will end, it is clear that we will be in good shape for the finale. In an effort to get us to concentrate more during the second half of the season, Coach declared that for every euro someone on our team was fined (for being late, forgetting their ball, peeing in the shower, etc.) the team would have to run a suicide. This went well for all of about seven days, but has recently spiraled out of control. Last weekend a player forget their jersey and got a technical foul. Boom, 50 suicides. This weekend another player forgot their jersey and was 30 minutes late. Boom, 70 suicides. Since we only practice 4 days a week and we like to have a somewhat light practice the day before a game, we will have to run these 70 suicides over the course of 3 days. I guess it worked in the movie 'Coach Carter', but I have my doubts how it will work out for us.

Last Friday was Rosa Parks birthday, and because the gym we played at is randomly named Rosa Parks Schule, they had a birthday celebration that I was invited to. Also in attendance was the US Vice-Consulate from Dusseldorf. Being that he was a big basketball fan from Texas, we immidiately hit it off and he asked me to work with the MeetUS program that American Embassies run. I will basically go into local schools, talk about what I am doing in Germany and American culture and society, and then field questions from the kids. Based on my past experiences with kids out here and the perception of the US, and California specifically, I will be fielding a lot of questions about guns, movie stars, fast food and surfing, none of which I know much about.  I was also told part of the job required me to friend the U.S. Consulate-Dusseldorf on Facebook and spread the good word. Consider this my plug.

Thanks to the NFL network I was able to enjoy Super Bowl Monday (the game didn't start until after midnight here) with a few of my American football loving friends. Unfortunately there was no pizza or hot wings, but I was able to scrounge up some BBQ chips and some mediocore cheese dip to help keep me up so I can't complain.

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