Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little sleep, Lots of points and the Louvre

       My jet-lagged parents and brother Parker arrived early Saturday morning to the coldest weather we have had since before Christmas. Unfortunately Reid couldn't make it, but knowing him he probably had his nose buried in a book in some nook of the library all weekend anyway. Despite the cold weather and the 9-hour time difference, they made it to the game and inspired the best statistical game of my career (37 pts, 10 rebs, 5 assts, 3 stls) and witnessed my first professional dunk. It was awesome to get to play so well with them there and we won the game with little resistance. We head into our final regular season game against last place Bernau all the way in Berlin this weekend, and will finish either second or third in the North when it is all said and done heading into playoffs.

Thank goodness they got this on camera because it doesn't happen very often!

Believe it or not me and Hack plan these little 'shoe tying' events to get a few extra seconds rest. The photographer must be onto us. I guess we need to start timing them better to maximize our collective break time and avoid future suspicion.

After the game we auctioned off our jerseys. I am not sure what kind of favors the auctioneer had to promise to sell mine, but I was told afterward that is was the top seller!

On Sunday the family and I flew to Paris to get a little culture; what better place to start than the Louvre. Though some of us showed more enthusiasm for the world-renowned art than others...

I think everyone was glad we went.
Parker and I trying to look the part of a Roman Emperor
Basically exact replicas just with modern fashion
I kind of steal the show in this picture, but in the background is the slightly more famous but somewhat disappointing, Mona Lisa.

A few of the other highlights of the trip included a night tour of the Eiffel Tower...

A view from the top of the tower
... and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Despite the cold weather and Reid's absence, the trip was a blast and it was great to see the family. I am looking forward to reuniting with them in Berlin this weekend and finishing off the regular season.

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